Painting & Patronage at the Start Garden Party – September 2010

From 8 to 19 September 2010 the gardens of Clarence House, Lancaster House and Marlborough House were opened for a Start Garden Party Festival to promote sustainable living. The aim of the exhibits and demonstrations was to show how small steps could be taken by all of us, who are interested in building a more sustainable future.

Start is a new initiative of The Prince of Wales to help people across the UK lead more sustainable lives and show us how we can all “start” living life differently. HRH The Prince of Wales has been a supporter of sustainable practices for many years. From ethical business to fair farming, social justice to rainforest protection, his charities unite under a common banner of decency, balance and respect for one another and our environment.

In partnership with the Start Garden Party, the Painting & Patronage Programme exhibited artworks, conducted lectures and provided a series of drop-in workshops for people of different ages and backgrounds attending the event.

The aim was to teach people both to understand and to create art. Cross cultural boundaries facilitate a greater understanding of nature and help people to live more harmonious lives.

The themes of the workshops were:

  • How to interpret the order within nature through geometric design.
  • Observing and drawing flowers with biomorphic design.
  • Making paints from flowers’ natural sources.

The principles underlying all of these design methods and art techniques are common to many traditions. By showing participants their shared artistic heritage and relationship to the natural world we aim to forge links between communities and help people better understand harmony within nature.

We had 1539 visitors to the PSTA / P&P stand and 282 workshop participants. On Friday 10 September HRH The Prince of Wales visited both students and teachers associated with the Painting & Patronage Programme.

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