Outreach Programmes

Since 1999 Painting & Patronage has successfully launched several exchange programmes for children, young adults and practising artists which combine the disciplines of art, architecture and craft. These programmes have taken place in Saudi Arabia and Europe and included an emphasis on poor and deprived communities.

Our outreach programmes teaching methods aim to encourage and teach the practical skills of art and the traditional crafts and to undertake these within the context of their social, cultural, religious and symbolic purposes. In addition workshops have been held which include the principals of geometric design, the order of nature, three-dimensional structures, colour theory and ways to approach creative and collaborative projects.

In the United Kingdom Painting & Patronage will shortly launch its latest outreach programme with a special focus to the North of England and the East end of London. Within Saudi Arabia plans are well advanced to launch outreach programmes in Jeddah and Makkah with a special emphasis on the slum areas of both cities.

The outreach programme will develop a curriculum in the visual traditional Islamic arts and architecture and guide architects and craftsmen in the principles of Islamic design and architecture.

Our international outreach programmes are usually organised in conjunction with other third party partners. These have in recent years included the King Faisal Foundation, The Prince’s Foundation in the United Kingdom, the Ministry of Culture of Portugal, the Ministry of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabia and the Anglo Arab Organisation.

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