All Painting & Patronage programmes are organised in conjunction with state authorities and government ministries. Each programme is funded by donations received from corporations, foundations and private individuals as well as funds raised through the promotion of a limited edition royal lithograph collection.

Painting & Patronage’s core activity is the promotion of the traditional arts. It seeks to encourage and promote artistic expression and to enrich our understanding of diverse cultures and traditions. The range of our activities requiring your support include:

  • Artistic Outreach programmes for multi-cultural and disadvantaged communities.
  • Free entry Summer Arts Schools.
  • Art exhibitions for both amateur and professional artists.
  • Scholarships for students from less privileged backgrounds.
  • High Profile Special Events.

While all Painting & Patronage programmes are organised in conjunction with state and government authorities, their success, both in Saudi Arabia and overseas, depend entirely on the generous donations of private individuals, corporations, trusts and philanthropic foundations.

Our fundraising activities are centered around a bronze, silver and gold tiered supporters group each receiving a tailor-made sponsorship package of special events and promotional and networking opportunities.

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