Message from Her Excellency Isabel Pires de Lima, Minister of Culture of Portugal.

I am above all delighted with the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al Faisal Al-Saud, Emir of Asir, who has been kind enough to devote a visit to our country, and to give us the rare privilege to appreciate his painting, an art to which he is passionately dedicated and through which, I am certain, the ties of friendship and cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Portugal will be greatly strengthened.

To His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic, Dr. Jorge Sampaio, I gratefully address my appreciation to have awarded his High Patronage to this event and to have agreed to honour with his presence the opening of the exhibition of paintings by His Royal Highness.

For the first time we welcome in our country, and specifically, in Sintra – the unparalleled beauty of which forms the adequate scenario for this showcase – a cultural event within the scope of Painting and Patronage, an organization which has encouraged and promoted cultural and artistic exchange in recent years, thus bringing together peoples and cultures.

Portugal was timely chosen to host the third edition of this laudable initiative. We are thus receiving a great benefit; the more appreciable because it is our wish to promote and celebrate the true values which are harbours of culture, respect for diversity, multiculturalism and dialogue between cultures.

Objectively and sincerely, I would say that this catalogue substantiates a larger and deeper action of great historical significance, when scenarios of hope are built, held together by a creative activity and the consequent approach which it nurtures.

These and other doors will be opened, in this and other areas of knowledge, through the promotion of scientific investigation to which the King Faisal Foundation has dedicated its educational, academic and philanthropic activities. This Foundation has equally been able to admirably reveal throughout the world the enormously valuable contribution of Islamic culture and history towards the expansion of the human heritage.

It is with great pleasure that the Portuguese Ministry of Culture accepts the challenge His Royal Highness has placed before us to come and exhibit, in Riyadh, creations of our reputed artistic production.

From hereon, this initiative, by opening new views in the cultural relations between our countries, will vouch for promising future encounters.

My colleagues in the Government join me once again to thank Your Royal Highness for your visit and for the noble intention which moved you to exhibit your artistic work in this land of toilsome and welcoming people.

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